Are you sure you really want to know more about me?
Look at these pictures.
I mean... REALLY look at them.
Still interested?
Well, I am currently a full time nurse and I have two novels out as of the end of June, 2014.
Search the site, you'll find 'em.
Well, I grew up in a town where the current population is 216. Yep. 216. I went to school in a town 8 miles away which is where I currently live. The population in this town is currently 4, 321. It's a freaking metropolis, right!? 
As you can tell if I don't make it as a writer or a nurse I can totally make it as a Garage Cleaner/Dart Balancer. I also have two dogs that are undeniably adorable. (See Below.) I'm crazy and love my friends, family and booze. Yes. Booze. (Don't judge me.)

I used to never read when I was growing up. My mother always tried to get me to read and I wanted no part in it. I figured why read when it's going to be a movie. 
Well a few years ago I jumped on the Twilight band wagon. I've always loved supernatural movies and when I saw the previews I knew I wanted to see it. And see it I did. I immediately went out and bought the books and became hooked.
I discovered I loved to read and found my nitch in the paranormal and romance genre. I started a book club with a cousin and all of a sudden these thoughts kept assaulting my brain.
So I wrote them down. Then, deciding that I wanted to write, I contacted some wonderfully amazing women who helped me through the process.
Shattering the Darkness Series is the Result.
I love Breccan and Harper and hope you all do as well. The book is dark and graphic. It pushes the boundaries and will make you cry, (hopefully) laugh and (hopefully) fall in love.

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