Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Facts

Random Facts About Me
1.   I am a meme maker extraordinaire. (Seriously. I make them all the time. I have over 200 in a file and am constantly adding to it…)
2. I participated in the Iowa High School Rodeo Association (No, I wasn’t very good, but it was fun!)
3. My father is my hero.
4. I did not like to read until I was 24.
5. My cousin is author Leia Madison. (And I have admired her ever since I was a little girl.)
6. My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
7. My friends look to me for new and unique music (and to make fan-made book trailers).
8. I like to say ‘Fuck’. A LOT.
9.  I don’t like pie. And I don’t really like cake that well either.
10. My favorite snack food is a peanut butter sandwich with sweet pickles and colby jack cheese. Soooo Good!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog Update!

July 21, 2014

So how is everyone doing today?
I’ve been so busy writing MCUL, that I’m not sure which way is up!!
Just a quick update that everything is on schedule. The blog tour is looking to be filling up! Oh! I got the cover for MCUL this weekend!!! You’ll LOVE it! I promise! It’s so pretty it almost brought a tear to my eye. Kari Ayasha from Cover to Cover Designs did it and I must say that she is freaking amazing!
Anyway, I will be taking over Sassy Southern Book Blog tonight, so come stop by and have some fun!!! 
New Teaser from My Coyote Ugly Life
A little Grayson POV

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Coyote Ugly Life Teasers

My Coyote Ugly Life

My Coyote Ugly Life
September 26, 2014

“How on earth do I get myself in these situations? I swear it’s like a never ending bad dream. One of all my mistakes that continuously bite me in my size ten ass.”

Azaria ‘Ree’ Gable had her one experience with heartbreak and that was enough for her. She’s perfectly satisfied with her ‘One Month Rule’ and doesn’t need her life changing anytime soon.

When circumstances take her back home, she learns things have changed…
A lot…

First and foremost being with the complete and astonishing overhaul and revamp of the Belton Police Department, where apparently the application was changed to state ‘Ugly Men Need Not Apply’ and the only requirement is ‘How Well Do You Look In This Uniform?’

Ree unexpectedly catches the eye of the new ‘gina-quiver inducing Chief of Police Grayson Cole, which starts an endless game of cat and mouse.

Will Ree let go of her misconceptions about relationships and allow Grayson to show her how beautiful life can really be?

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